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About Swami Girls Hostel

About Us

As a leading Girls hostel  in jaipur, our objective is to provide affordable accommodation for Girls and working women. We are constantly looking for ways to improve value for our Students. Our prices are very affordable and being located with main Areas which means that transport costs for our residents are as low as possible so it is no wonder that Swami Girls hostel rooms are in such high demand and that we operate close to 100% occupancy throughout the year.

Safe & Secure

We have been offering secure accommodation for over 13 years with no plans to stop now, so with all that experience it is fair to say that safety and security is our top priority.

All our houses have secure key fob access, with CCTV coverage and someone on hand at all times. Every guest has lockable storage with many able to use a room safe or similar. We always maintain Register for entry that come and go outside.


Enjoy Your Study Life With Us. We always here to Help You better.

Home outside Home

Almost all our team lives on site alongside the residents, making Swami Girls Hostels make like a gigantic family. We have residents from every part of the India. Swami Girl’s hostels can literally be your home in the Pinkcity, Jaipur!

There is no limit to how long you stay and our guests enjoy it so much that some stay for several years – after all, when you are enjoying yourself why change? For others Swami Girls hostel in Jaipur is a great place to meet likeminded people who go on to share rooms together. Whatever their outlook, we are delighted to provide a friendly spring board to Jaipur for all our guests.